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When Captain & Tennille first launched their career back in the mid-seventies, Toni Tennille had long been performing musicals and plays in her home town at the time, Costa Mesa, CA. She had appeared in productions of "Picnic", "Sweet Charity", "Goodbye Charlie", and "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum", just to name a few. In fact, Toni and Daryl met in 1971 when she hired him to play keyboards for a musical she had written called "Mother Earth". Daryl recognized the immense talent that Toni had, but he felt that as a duo, they had a shot at success in the recording field, and, needless to say, the alternate career-move paid off, and Toni's theatrical career was put on hold.

But in 1998, Daryl and Toni agreed that it was time for Toni to do what she was BORN to do. Toni committed to a 40 week tour covering almost the entire USA, where she starred in the direct-from-Broadway, first national tour of VICTOR/VICTORIA, taking the role originated on Broadway by Julie Andrews. The US tour launched on the first week in Sept. of '98, and continued through the end of June, '99.

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