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Available Recordings from Toni Tennille

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- Toni Tennille / SONG-WRITER

- Toni Tennille / SONG-WRITER

Listen to a playlist of over 40 original tunes / recordings that Toni has composed over the past decades. Tunes ranging from 'pop' style (including the '80's hit record entitled "Do That To Me One More Time", to Christmas tunes, to Country flavor. Click HERE to HEAR the songs - now.

"Toni Tennille / The Captain / Live RCO Recording" - 2003

A limited-edition, two-CD set of TT / C&T 'Live Performance'; Benefit Concert for the Reno Chamber Orchestra.

  "More Than You Know" - 2003

(a 19-cuts compilation of the previously released (big band / fully orchestrated) albums entitled:

___'More Than You Know', & . . .
___'All O
f Me'

  "Incurably Romantic" - 2001

Listen to Toni's specially created, 10-minute streaming audio 'show' - debuting a few of the Incurably Romantic cuts...

  "Tennille Sings Big Band" - 1998

  "Things Are Swingin'" - 1994

  "Moonglow" - 1987

(a 20-cuts compilation of previously released (big band / fully orchestrated) albums entitled:

'More Than You Know', & 'All Of Me').

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION !! News Update as of August, 2003:
The above, 'Moonglow' CD has officially been made unavailable as of August, 2003, due to a brand new packaging / release of the above,'More Than You Know' & 'All Of Me' albums. The new CD release will (also) be called 'More Than You Know', but will be released through the Varese / Sarabande Record Label - & as of Oct. 2003, will be available via major record-store / internet outlets.

For more information, visit the Varese / Sarabande Record label link ...HERE

  "Never Let Me Go" (no longer available)



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